Tips for making a terrific tawe

Everyone in the office has been playing with Tawe (pronounced ‘tour’) in the last few weeks, and we’ve learned a few things that will help you make the most of this new app:

  1. The best-looking tawes are informal – a photo of a cork board covered in scrawled post-it notes, or a sketch from someone’s notepad. Tawe can give a whole new perspective to this raw, ready content.
  2. Content is everywhere – those flipchart doodles from the team meeting? Tawe them. Memos on the office fridge? Tawe them. Pages from your own journal?… You get the picture. If you’ve already written something down or sketched it, you’ve already done the work. You’ll start to see engaging presentation content everywhere you look.
  3. Grabbing works too – Tawe also works really well with screen grabs. Snap the screen, upload the image to Tawe and instantly you’ll be able to talk a coworker or client through a website mock-up, new product – even an excel sheet with numbers and a chart on it.
  4. Make existing media more exciting – take a photo of a textbook diagram to bring the information to life. Moving around the image step by step will focus your audience’s eyes on each stage and can help them to absorb the information.

We’ve been amazed by the number of uses people have thought up for Tawe too – here’s a few we’ve been testing out:

  • Tracking someone’s journey on a map
  • Giving a tour of a room
  • Creating a puzzle by zooming close in to an object and then panning out to reveal what it is
  • Following the rise and fall of a line graph
  • Bringing focus to details of an object or work of art

The possibilities are endless!

If you haven’t had a go yet, download Tawe here. We can’t wait to hear how you get on.

One thought on “Tips for making a terrific tawe”

  1. I like the app. Is there a way to use pre-recorded voice overs or music in Tawe?

    Rather than a fee for each Tawe published, perhaps an option to purchase space might work better (or use both). A user manual may help, but I realize this is a beta version.

    Any chance for an educational discount?

    Great work!


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