Become a Tawe master with this handy tawe-torial

We’ve had some lovely responses to Tawe so far – it’s even been called a ‘stroke of genius’ (we didn’t tell Russell to say that – honest!).

It’s still early days for our newest product so we’d love to hear your feedback – you can share your thoughts below, on Twitter or Facebook – or even in an email.

Anyway, here’s a tutorial to help you get the best from Tawe, presented by dashing Sparkol founder Jon. Enjoy!

Keen to see the finished presentation? Here’s one we made earlier.

16 thoughts on “Become a Tawe master with this handy tawe-torial”

  1. Please give option to change background i.e. insert picture as background option instead of black screen in tawe Android app.
    And please make video scribe for Android.

    Thank You
    Great Software
    Himanshu Pal

  2. Wow! This really cool. I’ve had the TAWE app on my phone for a while without opening it – glad I found it and checked it out. Look fwd to using it with sketchnoting and visual thinking

  3. I found this app to be very similar to prezi, though I like the voice over options and find this app to be very interesting. Within the first 5 minutes I noticed something that may improve the app. If you could allow for multiple images to be added this would allow for a very interesting presentation.. Just my two cents.

    1. Hi Gustavo, It’s definitely something others have brought up before. I’ll be sure to pass your feedback on, thanks!

  4. Hi guys

    Great app for a quick prezie turnaround. Besides enabling multiple images to be inserted, how abt including simple text feature too? Tt’ll be awesome!


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