Braindrop Beta Phase Now Closed


Hi Folks!

Over the last few months we have been working on a new application which we believe will be an indispensable companion helping you to capture and cultivate your ideas and inspirations. The working name is Braindrop and it will initially be available on iPhone using Apple’s TestFlight program.

Bring all your ideas together in one place and cultivate them in a new, visual way.

Braindrop allows you to capture all your ideas, thoughts and inspirations quickly and easily, and store them in one place. Simply create a “Drop” for any topic you are interested in and then add all sorts of related content as and when you come across it. You can add notes, URLs, checklists, events and even your favourite quotes. You can also add images or capture photos directly from the app.

Within each “Drop” your content will be organised into a highly visual layout allowing you to view your data is a new way. Content items automatically change size and rearrange themselves in response to the way you interact with them, giving you a dynamic visual representation of your content.

Braindrop also helps you to search and sort through your data, within or across drops. Use coloured flags to label items with categories. And find related content easily using soft links, highlighted words that automatically link to other similar pieces of content.

This beta release stores all your data locally on your device.

Below is a quick demo of Braindrop in action


The beta project is now closed.

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